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Getica AB

Sahlgrenska Science Park

Medicinaregatan 8A

413 90 Gothenburg


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E-mail: info@getica.se

Tel: +46 728 58 81 87


About us

Getica is a biotechnological company located at the Sahlgrenska Science Park in Göteborg, Sweden, founded by Dr. Erling Sundrehagen. Our core activities are centered around antibodies, both avian and mammalian, and we offer both purification of antibodies as well as production of customized antibodies. The current focus is affinity-based purification of avian antibodies for industrial customers. Today, antibodies purified by Getica are part of several CE-marked and FDA approved diagnostic products sold to leading international diagnostic companies throughout Europe, US, and China.

In addition to producing and purifying high quality antibodies Getica also works with formulating accurate calibration and control materials for diagnostic products already on the market. Furthermore, we are engaged in several research projects aiming towards new innovative diagnostic immunoassays.

Getica’s vision is to improve future healthcare with antibodies and control materials of superior quality, as well as with new innovative diagnostic methods.